Haruko Nakamura
Photography book 'Hikari no oto (The Sound of Light) - pure and simple'

The Sound of LightLight, wind, landscape. Tuscany in Italy - a foreign land that photographer Haruko Nakamura was drawn to and fascinated by. Nakamura has recorded with immense scale within her photographs, the universal relationship between humans and nature, as well as the joy of living. Nakamura's fresh sensitivity, which could be described as intelligent and pure, is captured in its glory within this album 'The Sound of Light - pure and simple' as a view on the beautiful world of light. The respect for life which the power of these images calls for, asks us what is important living in the present day, and it's possible for the answer to be health, as well as time for nostalgia and recuperation.

Photography book contents:

This Photography book contains two works. The first called 'Hikari no oto (The Sound of Light)', is a collection of shots of Tuscany, Italy, a place the author adored, taken between 1993 and 1998. The second, 'A Gift from the Sea' won the 2000 Grand Prix prize in the Canon's New Cosmos of Photography Contest.

The Sound of Light

Through meeting Ivo and Ilda and their family - who lead a old fashioned elegant lifestyle which makes one think of beauty in form - tender, passionate and dramatic human relations are recorded illusion-like in photographs that are so gentle that they could almost be a reflection. Innocent traces from running around the land attempting to boldly catch on camera the beautiful scenery through the seasons, the flow of time, the difference in temperature, and other visual points have been captured dynamically with vivid colours. (1993-1998)

A Gift from the Sea

Using her personal experience, these photographs illustrate the birth of life and its mysticism. This work is a collection of very high quality and elegant pieces, and it physically documents the changes in a woman both inside and out, the construct is conceptual with a sentimental mixture of monochrome and colour images, and it shows her diverse talent as a photographer. At the dawn of a new century in December 2000 this work won the Grand Prix prize in Canon's New Cosmos of Photography Contest, as gateway to success for any new photographer. (1999)

Book Desctiption:

Title: Hikari no oto (The sound of light) - pure and simple
Product Dimensions: 300300mm
Pages: 116
Plates: 108
Language: Japanese/English
Date published: August 24, 2008
Price: 5,500 yen (tax not included)
Publisher: Formare la luce, inc.
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