Formare La Luce - Giving shape to light

A photograph is a representation of capturing light and giving shape to the image.

With experiences in photography as its core, Formare La Luce's activities are centered on complete production for artists. Making use of a network of well-experienced artists from various genres (photography, film, art, design, music, fashion etc) both at home and abroad, Formare La Luce are experimenting with new expressions using various ideas, remixing values, and stimulating all five senses.

They are challenging themselves to find unique ways of expression that have never been done before, and are developing works and ideas that positively integrate digital technology. And using as a key small size publishing which has adopted on demand, itself soon to become mainstream as digital imaging, they are creating distribution media (books, CDs, DVDs), and introducing works by widely circulating information through such things as the internet and exhibitions.

These activities of expression are archived and feedback is passed on to those involved with the artist and the art. Formare La Luce are working vigorously thanks to the belief that a lot of people can shine as individuals with mastery of their own originality, they can give something towards making a warmer and creative future which would influence society as a whole, and they can develop the seeds of communication on a global scale.

For information on works, exhibitions or publications, please contact Formare La Luce: